Biznes Expo fair, Katowice, 23-24 September 2014

On 23-24 September 2014, Dag-Center had the pleasure to participate in the Biznes Expo fair in the Conference Center in Katowice on Jordana Street. The idea of the annual Biznes Expo fair is the creation of an effective business platform for a broad range of small and medium-sized enterprises to exchange offers, knowledge, experience and contacts. During our two-day display, representatives of Dag-Center met representatives of various other branches – ranging from the insurance industry, through banking and the tourist industry to the government sector. The organizers of the fair ensured the possibility of the use of discussion panels and a video with the offer of the company. Through creating such links there was a possibility for Dag-Center to present a proposal to enterprises offering them a large range of services concerning translations and interpretations. The meeting in Katowice was also a great occasion to present to potential partners the modern equipment available in Dag-Center. It was an occasion for visitors of the fair to find out more about the offer and the history of the company and to get answers to questions concerning the translation industry.

XIV Educational Forum for Small and Medium Enterprises, PARP, Warsaw

On 23-24 June 2014, our company took part in the XIV Educational Forum for Small and Medium Enterprises – Man is the Best Investment, organized by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development in the Warsaw Copernicus Science Centre. The main objective of the XIV Forum was to create a platform for the exchange of knowledge on issues related to the effective management of people as well as the flow of experience between representatives of the government, academia and business practices.

Business practitioners – presidents and vice presidents – were invited to participate in the Forum and to confront their experience with the practices of small and medium-sized businesses. The invited guests also answered a question on how much a company owes its success to their teams of employees and how much to their leaders.

The attendance and interest of the participants in the program of the XIV Forum for SME proved that this was a unique event. Ca. 600 people confirmed their participation for the first day, including as many as 450 entrepreneurs (more than 320 of which were owners or representatives of management); whilst for the second day more than 500 people confirmed their participation. We heartily recommend such events to all of you.

Price list

On the valuation of projects please contact us at:
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Translation from a foreing language to Polish

Languages group


Regular translation

Sworn translation


english, german, russian

35,00 PLN

37,00 PLN


lithuanian, ukrainian, byelorussian, czech, slovak

45,00 PLN

57,00 PLN


Translation from Polish to a foreing language

Languages group


Regular translation

Sworn translation


english, german, russian

40,00 PLN

42,00 PLN


lithuanian, ukrainian, byelorussian, czech, slovak

52,00 PLN

62,00 PLN


Languages individual appraisal:

Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Danish, Estonian, Persian (Farsi), Finnish, French, Greek, Georgian, Hebrew, Spanish, Irish, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Maltese, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Rumanian, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Italian.

Individual pricing for interpreting - depending on the language combination, subject, date and location.


Other language combinations:

English<=>German, English<=>Czech, English<=>Ukrainian, Byelorussian<=>Russian, Czech<=>Slovak, French<=>English, French<=>German, Greek<=>English, Spain<=>English, Spain<=>German, Lithuanian<=>Czech, Lithuanian<=>English, Lithuanian<=>Russian, German<=>English, German<=>Russian, Russian<=>Czech, Turkish<=>German, Ukrainian<=>Russian, Italian<=>English.



  • up to 5% - starting from 2.000 PLN net up to 20.000 PLN net
  • up to 10% - starting from 20.000 PLN net up to 35.000 PLN net
  • up to 15% - starting from 35.000 PLN net



  • Net prices for standard translation are prices for translations which are done up to 5 pages a day.
  • In case of highly specialist texts the price may be up to 50% higher.
  • One page of a regular translation is up to 1500 characters with spaces.
  • One page of a sworn translation is up to 1125 characters with spaces.
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There is a possibility to fulfill the order within one day!

Payment by credit cards, cash and bank transfer.




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We are pleased to inform that we have started a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. We have initiated our cooperation with SANUS Foundation for the Disabled which cares for families of children with disabilities and for elderly people.




ADDRESS: 14-100 Ostróda, ul. Wierzbowa 7

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We have implemented the idea of corporate social responsibility to our operational strategy because we want to support the SANUS Foundation, which helps the people with disabilities in our region. We truly hope that our experience and work will be of aid in improving the life situation of the people that the Foundation takes care of.

DAG-Center Translation Agency is responsible for the translation services in the SANUS Foundation and for the contact with its foreign donors and contractors. Being engaged in this way into supporting the organization's activity, we truly hope that we will be able to contribute to raising funds that are necessary to help the wards of SANUS.

We would like to encourage all of you to support the Foundation's activity with any amount of funds, sending it to the account number below:

BGZ Bank

33 2030 0045 1110 0000 0257 8450