Certificates and awards

We are pleased to inform the Customers and Partners of our translation agency, that on the 12th of March, 2014, in Krakow, we have obtained the status of the Laureate of the "Enterprise of the Future”, of the 2014 contest’s edition.

This distinction is used to identify and distinguish on the market these companies which base their business models on investing in knowledge and intellectual capital management, which show concern for the development of human resources and which successfully implement the idea of ​​the business social responsibility with a special focus on science, education and culture. Gained distinction even more pleasing that among the winners were modern, prestigious companies from all over the country. In the initial stage of the competition competed over 120 companies, of which only 23, including our translation agency Dag-Center, have won certificates and special prizes.

Concretized in management theory vision of a "company of the future" implies that the company corresponding to this term is an organization that invests in knowledge, open to innovation, able to draw on the potential of their employees and managers, but also in a strategic way these competences multiply. Its aim is to build a knowledge-based economy and the development of the learning society.

Prestigeous significance of the certificate lies in the fact that it is granted by the scientists with the significant achievements of theoretical or practical and authority in an environment where the verdict has the appropriate rank. Honorary Patronage Program exercise among others.: Rada główna Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego. Centrum Transferu Technologii i Rozwoju Uniwersytetu Śląskiego i Przewodniczący Komisji Gospodarki Narodowej Senatu Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej. The "Enterprise of the Future" is an initiative of the scientific community aimed at highlighting and promoting the most Polish companies that adhere to high standards of knowledge management, put on the development of human capital, as well as carry out interesting initiatives aimed at promoting knowledge in the social environment and supporting the development education and culture in the environment they operate.

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Gala Finałowa i Laureaci I Edycji Programu „Przedsiębiorstwo Przyszłości 2014 r.”, Aula Collegium Novum Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego, Kraków, 12 marca 2014 r.




We are pleased to announce that our translation agency, a member of the Polish Association of Translation Agencies, on the 9th of June 2010., had passed the inspection of auditors relating to the standard EN 15038, which contains a set of procedures and definitions, among others: the translation processes, quality system and method of managing a company. The results illustrate compliance audit control standards in 100% of the DAG-CENTER office, which for us is very rewarding. It is also a confirmation that our past and present activity meets the EU standards in the field of translation services.

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